Have not updated this place for more than one year

January 31st, 2011

That if I liked you as I thought I did - and O, but I like you better!
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My writing of a blog started around 2005, and it’s been up and down for quite some time. In my absence at this site, I’ve done some updating in the social networking places online. But truth be told, none of those are as satisfying as writing in my own blog.

But why I have not updated for so long? It is as simple as “I got bored”. Perhaps, in 2011, I will come back occasionally and write something here. For now, I am leaving it growing wild.

Wild Thoughts 天马行空

December 2nd, 2009

Lately, a friend’s visit has unlocked many unexpected spiritual connections with people around us. As a result, we’ve been reading some metaphysical books such as Seth Speaks, and learning more about vibration and auras. So the thought below came as a continuation of this line of development - this morning at 8AM while I was walking outside on the street and seeing very very skinny runners passing me from time to time and reflected on how people love to lose weight particularly during this period of holiday time.

If our assumption is that each individual is indeed a self enclosed “circuit” system, then the only way for a person to lose weight is to burn off his or her own calories and fat, to eat sensibly and exercise. That’s the bottom line. All the fancy weight programs can boil down to these never changing two rules.

But if we enlarge our assumptions, to allow the possibilities of each person is only a part of a larger entity. Our physical boundaries are not as confined as we thought. If that assumption stands, can we lose weight in another manner? Say, you group a person with extra fat on the body with a person with no fat (but wants to gain some fat to be a little more balanced). The person with surplus fat concentrate intensely on the thought that he/she wants to give the excess to the other one as a way of helping the other person. While the one in need concentrate on how he/she really can use some extra fat from the other person. What will happen in a couple months’ time? It will be interesting to conduct such an experiment to see whether this can prove the theory of us are connected in a greater manner…

Struggle with online social networking

April 23rd, 2009

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  • The past year I have been mostly active with various online social networking sites. Trying to find the new ground to update and share thoughts. The only result is to have truncated my continuity with this place while not completely migrating to another place.

    The way life is - is making people writing less and less, shorter and shorter. Who has the time to read War and Peace now. Time is still the same, it is the rhythm of time that has gotten much faster and the intervals are much shorter.

    I’ve lost the use of my laptop - abandoned to be factual. I live by my iphone, surfing, listening, viewing photos, talking, calenaring… I live a condensed life on this iphone. For the first time in my life, I fear of losing one object for an extended period of time. Hopefully no thief will read this entry.

    Reflection on Feng Shui

    September 8th, 2008

    Is Feng Shui superstition or a science? I was taught that Feng Shui was people’s superstition when I was growing up. But for some reason, I was drawn by its mysteriousness. Upon the added experience in life, I’ve learned to think of Feng Shui as the wild western frontier to the established science.

    In my opinion, if something cannot be proven by scientific methods, it cannot be rendered as superstition. In a scientific way, this thing is only unexplainable at the moment. Perhaps, at a later time, our science will have the capability to prove its validity. What really irked me is a lot of the so called science based people would simply dismiss the possibility that such item can ever be an object of science. I think such behavior is indeed an unscientific way of dismissing a lot of the future potentials. It is also a disrespect to our ancestors. Thousand-year-old practices such as Feng Shui has to have some validity to have many nations’ top scholars in the past to study and utilize in their every day practice. Call it a superstition is simply renouncing the way how our ancestors used to live!

    Feng Shui is a science of the invisible “luck” element which is so visibly present in everyone’s daily life. Our ancestors discovered that there are ways to increase our chances of better fortune by aligning ourselves with the universe. One analogy I read about which I thought was quite astute describes the science of Feng Shui roughly as follows:

    In driving, the red traffic light tells you when to stop at an intersection. In an average person’s life, there is no traffic regulations, one simply keeps on living one’s usual routine even if one is up against odds. Feng Shui helps one to navigate more efficiently and successfully through the streets of life.

    Why there are a lot of people don’t believe in it? Because, a true Feng Shui master is hard to come by. What we see in bookstores, or most often we encounter a so called Feng Shui master, is not the genuine Feng Shui. Feng Shui science is too “holistic” or too complicated for everyone to understand. The true knowledge of Feng Shui cannot be learned by books alone. For those who blindly follow these kinds of Feng Shui, it is a practice of superstition.

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    Blog with iphone support!

    September 6th, 2008

    Finally coming back to tend my abandoned patch of blog field. After the upgrade, I noticed the added support with iPhone. Now I will not have any excuses for not writing!

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